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Acid Sulfate Soils

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Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS) are naturally occurring soils that contain iron sulfides. While benign in their natural state, ASS can become a significant issue should they be oxidised and subsequently generate acid during site construction and / or dewatering related activities. Early identification and appropriate management of ASS is critical in mitigating potentially adverse environmental and human health impacts and to enable early degradation of building infrastructure and foundations from acidification.

Key ASS service areas include:

  • Facilitate satisfaction of Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) redevelopment conditions relating to ASS assessment and management;
  • Desktop Investigations and Site Inspections;
  • Soil and sediment sample collection (including monosulfidic materials);
  • Groundwater assessments (baseline hydrogeological conditions including ‘cone of depression’ estimates);
  • Field testing (pHF and pHFOX) and screening for presence of ASS.
  • Laboratory analysis for ASS indicators (SPOCAS Suite, Chromium Reducible Suite and AVS) and data interpretation;
  • ASS Reporting;
  • Preparation of Acid Sulfate Site Management Plans (ASSMP);
  • Implementation of ASSMP and Final Closure Reporting demonstrating project compliance with ASSMP; and
  • Reporting of ASS investigation, management and closure in accordance with DER guideline requirements.