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The experience and range of capabilities of our staff means that Welarm can offer clients a broad suite of services; from planning and strategic advice, through all phases of contaminated sites investigation, remediation, stakeholder engagement, and reporting.

We help clients reduce their exposure to environmental and human health related liabilities by assessing potential and known environmental issues posed by historic and / or ongoing site contamination. In accordance with our philosophy, “Listen, Scope, Deliver,” we provide the necessary services to assess contamination risks and design remedial measures that are appropriate to mitigate risks as necessary to comply with clients’ objectives and regulatory requirements.

Our services include the following:


Contamination Assessment

Assess the nature, extent, and relevant risks from site contamination including soil, sediment, groundwater, asbestos, vapour and radionuclides.

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Statutory and Voluntary Auditing

Accredited WA Contaminated Sites Auditor to undertake statutory audits and / or voluntary audits as well as property pre-purchase audits for commercial Clients.

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Remediation Services

Remediation of contaminated sites including soil, groundwater, vapour, asbestos and radioactive materials to manage risks from contamination to health and the ecological environment.

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Acid Sulfate Soils Investigations

Investigation and management of acid sulfate soils that may pose risks to the environment or existing infrastructure during site construction or site redevelopment.

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Environmental Management

Tailored environmental investigation and assessments and preparation of Environmental Management Plans necessary to avoid or mitigate contamination liabilities and to protect human health and the environment.

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Mining Services

Assist clients in closure planning and also the control, identification, and management of environmental contaminants occurring as a result of natural geologic formations and operational activities.

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