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Welarm is owned and managed by locally based environmental professionals.

Managed by WA accredited CS Auditor Warren Dodge, our team brings more than 60 years of experience in the field of contaminated site assessment, remediation and auditing to provide clients with quality delivery of environmental projects. The management team is dedicated to meeting the requirements of clients, while complying with applicable laws, regulations, and (as appropriate) guidelines and industry practices.

Senior members of the management team have managed a broad range of environmental projects across differing state regulatory environments (including VIC, NSW, QLD, NT and WA). This experience has enabled successful delivery of interstate national projects, and the ability to advise clients of differing State requirements when clients’ corporate interstate experience may be limited.

  • Warren Dodge
    Warren DodgePrincipal Environmental Consultant & Accredited Contaminated Sites Auditor

    For over 30 years Warren Dodge has managed multi-disciplinary environmental consulting and remediation groups across Australia and in North America. Based in Perth WA, Warren has directed and managed major site assessment and remediation programs for government and industry clients with specific technical skills and experience necessary to address environmental risks and related financial liabilities to the satisfaction of clients, regulators and community stakeholders.

    Warren is accredited as a Contaminated Sites (CS) Auditor by the Department of Environment and Regulation under the Contaminated Sites Act 2003 and undertakes statutory and voluntary audits for commercial and government clients.

    With hands-on experience across a wide range of industry and client sectors including property development, manufacturing and heavy industry, mining, petroleum, utilities, commercial facilities, Defence, and agriculture, Warren has successfully designed risk-based management and remediation strategies and directed the implementation of in situ and ex situ remediation technologies for soil, groundwater and soil vapour for a diverse array of contaminants.

    • David Smith
      David SmithAssociate Environmental Consultant

      David has nearly 20 years experience in designing and managing environmental investigations, remediation and auditing projects across Australia. Graduating in the 1995 with a degree in Environmental Science, David developed a solid grounding in environmental investigations during his employment as a research officer for CSIRO.

      David has significant experience in contamination investigations of soil, water and vapour for purposes ranging from pre-purchase due diligence and baseline assessments through to investigations required for satisfying statutory (e.g. WAPC) requirements pertaining to contamination and acid sulfate soils. David also has experience in the assessment of human health and ecological risks across numerous industry sectors and land use scenarios. Since 2009 he has also served as the primary auditor’s assistant for a number of accredited CS Auditors.